Do You Have the Tools to Create"Traffic Abundance®" 

You Have Arrived In The Precise Moment To Begin The Tuning of Your  "Traffic Frequency®"         As You Come Into Alignment With Your "Traffic Frequency®" You Will Cause A Quantum Shift in Your Attraction Of Traffic, Bringing About A "Vortex of Traffic®"  From Your Vantage Point At The Center Of Your "Vortex of Traffic®" You Will See With Greater Clarity Than Ever Before Your Easy and Fun Path To Achieving A Permanent State Of "Traffic Abundance®" 
* IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER * PLEASE READ: I Wholeheartedly Back All Of The Resources On This Page. AND...I Would Love and Appreciate If You Sign Up Here For Any Of These Awesome, Free Traffic Tools. It Helps Me Tremendously As Well. BUT EVEN IF YOU DON'T CHOOSE TO SIGN UP HERE, GO OUT AND GET THESE TOOLS! THEY'RE GREAT TOOLS - THEY WILL INCREASE YOUR WEBSITE TRAFFIC! (probably should sign up here though...) sorry about the random Banner gotta pay some bills

Many Thanks Marketing Once Again Gratefully Brings You the Best in Marketing, Advertising & Home Based Opportunities at Zero or Very Low Cost, and No Hype. (ok, a little tiny bit). All of the Traffic Tools and Resources on This Site are  FREE,  Most Have a Paid Upgrade Option which Can Produce Significantly Faster and More Impactful Results. But This is a Many Thanks Marketing Site, So Rest Assured You Can Achieve Amazing Traffic Results Using the Free Options. This Site is Presented in a Way to Help Those New to the Internet Traffic Experience Start Bringing Quality Visitors to Their Websites Within Minutes. If You Know What You're Doing, Already Moving Some Traffic.... Many Thanks Marketing has got You Covered too. We've Got Some Cool Things You Don't Have in Your Tool Kit Yet.

We Are Going to Start off with the Basics and Work Our Way Through to Some of the "Hot" New Tools! Plus Some Lesser Known Yet Highly Effective Tools:
  • Now If Your Intention is to Attract 10,000's of Targeted, Responsive, Opportunity Seeking Individuals to Your Website or Affiliate Offer Daily, Then Grab Every Tool on This Page and I Will Show How to Combine These FREE Resources, Causing an Optimal "Traffic Frequency®"  And as Your Traffic Momentum Builds and You've put All of the Working Parts in Place, You Will Begin to Create a "Vortex of Traffic®"  This leads to a State of Total Vibrational Traffic Alignment Known as "Traffic Abundance®" 

Whether You're New to Driving Traffic to Your Website/Affiliate Offer...
Or One of Us Who Tirelessly Keep the Internet from Coming to a Screeching Halt by Constantly Putting Eyes on Ads... This Site Will  Allow You to Shift Your Traffic to a Higher Frequency and Attract a Steady Flow of Highly Interested Visitors to Your Site. 

All of the Traffic resources found here are FREE. Many of the Tools here may already be a part of your Traffic strategy. If so, you're on the right path. Now let's see if we can Increase Your Viral "TreadMarks" leading the  to your Website. Let's start with the Basics. Traffic Exchanges: I use Quite a few (I think it's around 83, I am a member of hundreds)  Here are the 10 sites I start my day surfing - or at least making sure they have credits. These sites are Truly "must haves" in building any kind of Continual Flow of Responsive, Targeted Visitors to your Website. There are many, many other Great Traffic Exchanges*, But...Hands Down, These Are The Best.  Year-in, Year-Out. If there are any of these sites you are not a member of, take a minute and sign up, then we will move on.                                                        

In All the Excitement I Completely Forgot Banner Exchanges...No Worries, We Got You. ↓

If You're Here Just Hoping to Find Something New For Your Utility Belt, No Worries There. ↓

Next We Will Cover Traffic Generators &  AutoSurf Sites. Experts go back and forth over the issue of the value, or lack thereof, of AutoSurfing & Traffic Generators. I can tell You, despite what I have heard and read, my results over the past three months have been exciting! Both of these can be Crucial in Driving Massive Numbers of Free Visitors to Your Website if used in the Proper Combinations and Order. Otherwise, You may be Wasting Time & Computer Resources  I spent way too much time thinking AutoSurfers were just lining folks up at my websites when I first started at this. Hopefully, You have avoided that mistake, or at least now you will stop! Traffic Generators & AutoSurf Sites are basically the same thing in essence, the difference being Traffic Generators offer a much wider range of control over how the Views to your Website are Delivered; Duration of Views (this is really what sets them apart); Number of Views (per Hour or Day). Many Offer Geo Targeting and a Choice of Hours to display Your Site, control of Bounce Rate and many other advanced features depending on the site. AutoSurf Sites do not have these features, and simply show your site Automatically in 7- 20 second shots. If you are working on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Both Can be Effective in Raising your Alexa Ranking. Both Traffic Generators and AutoSurfers can put Huge Numbers on Your Website's Hit Counter. I have found they can help Acquire Referrals to Grow Your Downlines in Traffic Exchanges, Manual & Auto. Now as far as getting Sign Ups or Sales to any Affiliate Offer, Not So Much... Almost nobody is sitting watching Ads on Autosurf. That being said, I use them Everyday. Here are the Very Best Traffic Generators and AutoSurfs: 

*Included below are several, what I call "Hybrid" sites, more than an Auto, not quite full-on Generator... very versatile, excellent tools. 

        AUTOSURFS                                                                  HYBRIDS                                                                 TRAFFIC GENERATORS


autosurf, fast and efficient autosurf Increase Website Traffic 1:1 Traffic Exchange - 1000 Bonus Autosurf Credits 9Hits - Traffic Exchange Need traffic ? Visit-Easy offers you the opportunity to do it for free ! Advertising in the mail and traffic exchange
Ok, Now That You've Got Some Traffic it's Time to Take It Viral! We'll Start With Some Things You May Be Familiar With, Then We'll Move On to the New Generation... 

At this point, I think everyone is clear on the concept of something "Going Viral." Here are the Best Tools I have found to start a Cascading, Butterfly Effect, Rippling Across the Internet with as little as an Inspired Text Ad. Using the Viral Tools below will help You to not only Attract New Visitors, but can become an Evergreen Source of Traffic as their impact continues spread. Some of the Internet's Marketing Juggernauts swear by these methods, and just sit back laughing as they watch folks chasing the newest Software, System, Program, Product, or Guru. These Tools are still as effective today as when they were The Hot New Thing. Many of today's entrepreneurs overlook the power of these simple tools and are missing out on Massive Amounts of Targeted, Free Traffic! I know You're far too Wise for That! ( what I did there? very subtle)



These Three Sites Bring A TREMENDOUS!! Amount of Truly Targeted Traffic to My Cyber Doorstep (Websites) - Eager to Purchase, Sign Up, Learn More... These Are Keepers. The Seeds Sewn and Tended Here Will Bear Traffic Fruit For Years To Come...

True Viral Advertising is Gaining a Resurgence of Popularity With this New Influx of Online Entrepreneurs, Marketers, Coaches, Cyber Store Owners, Investors, Entertainers, Hucksters & Bamboozlers......... DON'T WAIT!!!......(Strong Call to Action, huh?! I'm Gettin' Good At This, yeah!).........  So We Have Some New & Very Powerful Implements of Mass Dissemination of Information.........  Take a Look!

Real Viral Traffic at!

Alright, I Get It. Some of You Are Feeling Better About Your Traffic Prospects, Starting to Know On A Cellular Level You Can ~TUNE IN~ To Your Own Optimal "Traffic Frequency®"    I Am Also Equally Aware Some Of You Are Wondering If I Will Ever Shut My Beavers And Get On With It. Ok Then, Now I Think I Have Delivered A Great Host Of The Best Traffic-Acquiring Tools Available Today, Paid Or Free, and These Are All Free! So Grab Whichever Of These Awesome Attention Movers Resonates With You. Start Bringing the Customers, Clients, Investors, Employees, Students, Artists, Inventors, Healers, Friends & Fun You Want to Your Website/Offer. 

I Know, I Know. Some Of You 12-16-hour-a-day-Surfers Are Like, "Tch... I just spent how many minutes?? puh! seen all this!"  .......Fair Enough......But Have You Actually Used Em'? Any Of The Tools On This Page Produce Real, Targeted Visitors To Your Site. I Did Not Mention That Every Incredible Traffic Building Tool On This Page Can Be Used As An Income Stream, While Bringing Steadily Increasing Numbers of Visitors to Your Site. Because We're Talking Traffic....Tough Audience, Whew! I Got More For Ya, But I Did Promise Banner Exchanges. All You Grizzled, Internet Savvy, Long Haul Drivers of Web Traffic May Want to Scroll Down to Find Something New to Fill Your Tank. Seriously Though I Say Again, No Matter What Your Internet Marketing Experience Level, Any of These Free Resources You Are Not Using = Good Targeted Traffic. You Are Saying, "NoThanks, I'll Pass." Me Personally, I am Like Scrooge McTraffic - I Want 7 Billion+ Pairs of Eyes & Ears on My Websites (Probably Not All At Once; Server Issues). I Don't Mind Sharing, In Fact I Love It, Always Brings Me Fresh Eyes & Ears.   

Banner Exchanges:  I Must Admit I Was Slow To Jump On The Banner Train... I Just Didn't Know. But Wow, Am I Glad I Did. Banners Are A Powerful Form Of Advertising -Choo!$ Choo!$ (too much?) Here Are The Best Ones I've Found... 

Then From Out Of Nowhere It Dawns On You; This Is A Boatload Of Traffic!  How Do Manage All This Traffic ? I Need To Spread It Around. Simple ROTATE,ROTATE,ROTATE! Use Your Your Credits More Efficiently! Maximize Your Views! Exceed Your Intended Goals!

At This Point It's Time To Spread Some Of Those Credits Around. Invest Some of Them, As It Were, In Traffic CO-OPs. You Know What They Say, It Takes Credits To Make Credits. Isn't That What They Say? Put Some Of Your Credits To Work For You! Well Anyways... Here Are Some Kinda Janky Ones For Ya...NoNoNo! It's Only The Best For You, My Friends!

Alright, Here's What Some Of You Came For: That Little Bit Of Secret Sauce To Put Some Flavor In Your Traffic...Add These To Your Traffic Recipe And Watch How Your Traffic Cooks! Just that One Special Thing That Not Everybody is Doing.

Click here to get Auto Traffic Magnet FREE

See, I Bet You Weren't Using Any Of These. Now Give 'em A Shot!  You Will Enjoy How Easily Each One Of These Steps On The Accelerator of Your Traffic. You Had Enough, Or You Want More Traffic??.....Let Me See if I Got Anything Left. Because If You Are Here You Ain't Monkeying Around {Huh, you see what I did there?? nailed it.} Here You Go A Few More Of My Best Toys For Getting Eyes&Ears on Sites

Well, There You Have It Folks. You Now Have The Tools To Get Some Serious Quality Traffic On Your Websites. May the Road Rise To Meet You...And Be Bumper To Bumper.

 "Hey! What About All That Airy Fairy"Traffic Frequency®"      "Vortex of Traffic®""Traffic Abundance®"  Stuff From TheBeginning""Yeah Man, I'm About to Ask For My Money Back." 
Sorry Had To Wait Until Everyone Else Left..So If You Would Like Start Growing Your Traffic  To The 10,000 Real Targeted Visitors A Day And More Be Sure You Have ALL Of The Tools Above This is Important Because Many Are Used To Amplify Others. Scroll Down Leave Your Name, Email Address, and What You Are Promoting Or Trying to Drive Traffic To.     Each Path To "Traffic Abundance®"  Is Different. Together We Will Tune Your "Traffic Frequency®"  Create Your "Vortex of Traffic®" To    Bring About Your True and Lasting  "Traffic Abundance®"  This System is not to be Taken Lightly and Will be Granted to:                                                                               Those Finding Alignment Through Tuning to the Vibrations of Gratitude & Abundance

                                  Please Always Remember



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